Hospital Management Information System at Abbas Institute of Medical Sciences, Muzaffarabad, AJK

Hospital Management Information System at Abbas Institute of Medical Sciences, Muzaffarabad, AJK


Computerization will be of immense benefit to AIMS Hospital. The HMIS will assist the staff of AIMS Hospital, in managing and monitoring the complete activities of hospital. At present it is difficult to efficiently handle the data and information workload manually. Computerization will allow the hospital management to analyze the problems quickly and take corrective action in time. The computerization will change the nature of the work of the officers. They will spending more time in analyzing information than on collecting and processing it.

Project Scope

The project is located in Muzaffarabad AIMS hospital. Under the said project the IT equipment (Servers, Computers, Printers etc) are provided along with the establishment of network infrastructure for connectivity of all blocks of Hospital through fiber optics. Similarly, AIMS hospital will manage their records electronically which will be very beneficial in finding the patient treatment history and administration record. The said project will address the re-engineering and automation requirements of the following main areas, namely:

  • Patient Registration
  • Doctor Consultation
  • Admission discharge
  • Pharmacy management
  • Laboratory management
  • Budget management
  • Accounts management
  • Stores management
  • Human resource management
  • Store and Inventory
  • Hospital Website

Project Objectives

  • To fully computerize the Abbas Institute of Medical Sciences to ensure the reliability, security, quality of services and to improve the patient treatment system and its record
  • Up-gradation/Purchase of computing/networking hardware, licensed software internet access for medical research purposes
  • To connect all the Units of Hospital in a network and to keep record of all the data
  • To provide research facilities to doctors like Clinical Audit
  • To facilitate managers in decision-making and to maintain online Decision Support System
  • Availability and provision of online doctor’s appointments, duty schedules, OPD information to public
  • Online clinical opinion for patients, doctors’ discussion forums on various clinical issues
  • Computerization of Patient / Clinical Information System and making all Patient records online to identified users
  • HMIS will be highly beneficial for the students of medical college who want to research as it will provide accurate statistics about all the diseases in different demographics

Benefits to Management and Doctors

  • Hospital staff would be able to give more attention to patients due to time saved in retrieving reports and results
  • Reduced human errors
  • Interaction between doctors and patients will improve
  • Less support & maintainability
  • Reduces professional isolation, provides collaborative consultation avenues, clinical education
  • Access patient’s information from any workstation
  • Reduce wastage of time spent on most of the inquiries

Financial Benefits

  • Reduced paper work.
  • Reduced costs.
  • Per Patient cost will be easily calculated including cost of medicine, Lab Test, Radiology and others.
  • Based on the collected historical data forecasting can be used to prepare budget.
  • Cost of management and the burden of patient’s information on the institution will be reduced.

Benefits to Patient

  • Quality of patient’s care will be improved due to close monitoring.
  • Research facilities will be improved and the student doing the research will be able to access the required information.
  • Quality of care will increase by consultation decision being made through collaborative technologies and may increase patient involvement.


  • Centralized Data.
  • More integrity of information
  • Build up historical data that aids with various decisions.
  • Accuracy/reliability of data will be increase.
  • System will be able to generate different reports in a short time.
  • Easy access of patient’s history.