Unified Integrated Automated system for High Court & Lower Courts of AJ&K (pilot Phase).

Automated system for High Court & Lower Courts


A Pilot project in which High Court of Azad Jammu & Kashmir along with its Subordinate Court in Muzaffarbad, Service Tribunal, Ehtisab Court and Anti Corruption Court will manage record electronically which will be very beneficial in finding different cases decisions and judgments. Moreover system will also generate decision support reports regarding court cases, which will give detailed picture of All Courts to decision makers.

Project Scope

TThe Scope of the project includes the three (4) Locations of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Supreme Court office Muzaffarbad along with its three Circuit Benches Mirpur, Kotli and Rawalakot. Under the said project the IT equipment (Servers, Computers, Printers etc) are provided along with the establishment of network infrastructure for connectivity of benches of High Court at different locations. The said project aims to e-enabling of the general public to view their case schedule, download the judgment, receive case notification through short messaging services and case proceeding status online. Similarly, High Court will manage their records electronically which will be very beneficial in finding different cases decisions and judgments with the help of only few clicks. The said project will address the re-engineering and automation requirements of the following main areas, namely:

  • Court cases registration
  • Court Cases Flow Management>
  • online Case schedule
  • Case delaying issues and status
  • Security/processing fee submission and refund
  • Judgment and notices development and control
  • Judgment implementation status
  • Online Reports regarding court cases
  • Electronic Case Alert Messaging System (e-CAMS)
  • Electronic Kiosk System for Cases Information(e-Kiosk)
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Interactive Web portal of High Court

Project Objectives

  • To automate High court , sub ordinate courts and its connectivity with High court
  • Citizens/lawyers will be facilitated by viewing case schedule and case history and decisions
  • Case tracking through, judge/ lawyer/defendant/ Prosecutor will be available
  • To equip the Honorable Courts, offices and benches with computer equipment to Make up deficiency
  • Decisions for cases of similar nature can be found through document archiving system.
  • Short description of each case hearing can be found online.
  • Documents which court required from defendant/ prosecutor for next hearing can be found online.
  • Citizens/lawyers can find out about the case decision and history without visiting court.
  • Judgment copy can be downloaded through web.
  • Automatic email and sms will be sent to all stake holders, whenever schedule changed.
  • Proposed applications within the High Court Offices. This will make maximum resource utilization.
  • Provide extensive training on the new environment to the end users as well as support staff. It will reduce time, cost and enhance existing staff skills.
  • Provide the information on the web so that government departments/citizens can view schedule and status without visiting Courts. It will make the process transparent and clear.