Computerization of Driving Licenses in AJ&K


In this era of science and Technology the key to success in every sphere of Life depends on the skillful use of Information Technology. Whether one is a Head of the State, teacher, lawyer, doctor, political leader, manager or chief executive officer (CEO) of an organization; the main ingredient is the worked involved is information – knowing how to get it, how to use it, how to manage it and how to disseminate it to others. The importance of information technology in every walk of life is evident. Unless one plans to live as a recluse in wilderness, computers and other forms of information technology probably have big impact on one's life.

The following main activities will be automated:


  • Learning Permit issuance
  • Driving Test
  • Driving License Issuance
  • Duplicate and renewal of driving license
  • Duplicate and renewal will be possible from anywhere in the State.
  • AJ&K Traffic Police Website
  • Security System
  • General Recruitment

Project Scope

The Scope of the project includes the (10) DHQ’s Locations of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, which are mentioned below.

  • SP office Muzaffarabad
  • SP office Neelum
  • SP office Bagh
  • SP office Hatian
  • SP office Haveli
  • SP office Rawalakot
  • SP office Sudhnoti
  •  SP office Kotli
  • SP office Mirpur
  • SP office Bhimber