Computerization of Land Record in AJK


The proposed project will establish an efficient, transparent, and accessible land record system. It will reduce litigation, bring about long-lasting tenure security and promote an enabling investment climate. This, in turn, will lead to widespread support, adoption and use of reliable land registration procedures by farmers and other end-users.

The major Long Term goals of the project:

  • Improve land management and local planning by providing clear and accurate information.
  • Make the land record transparent and accessible online.
  • Reduce rural poverty by providing access to capital in the banking sector.
  • Create investment opportunities in both rural and urban settings particularly in the housing sector with transparent¬†and easily accessible record of land titles.
  • Provide a platform for access to all relevant services in the rural agricultural sector and thus bridge the digital divide.
  • The data entry and data validation targets, which can be achieved during this computerization project.
Land Record
Land Record


An IT-enabled solution will prove to be very useful to transform the conventional land record / revenue management system into an efficient, easy-to-use, updatable, remotely accessible and above all practically applicable and in doing so, can help a wide array of people associated with land record management in AJK. The AJK Information Technology Board understands the power of information and complexity of land record system and user / client need. For this purpose, a comprehensive Computerization of Land Record will be developed by combining technical, operational and domain expertise with proven approaches of analysis, planning, designing and implementation, to provide an effective solution using IT-enablement in a field where its need its massively felt.


The Project mission is to establish efficient, accountable, equitable and secure Land Records Management & Information Systems. Ultimate mission of the Govt. of the AJK is to gradually move towards a Land Titling System

Land Record