Computerization of Driving Licenses in AJ&K

A-Project objectives

The objectives of the project include;

  1. Development and Implementation of a computerized driving license issuing application at all district traffic police stations providing a better services to citizens.
  2. Issuance of computerized learner driving permit.
  3. Issuance of all types of computerized Driving Licenses (Motor Cycle, Motor Car, Public HTV, LTV etc.) for local and foreigners from a centrally managed system, through which fake licenses will be controlled.
  4. Issuance of duplicate driving license and renewal of expired driving license will be possible from anywhere in the State.
  5. Inventory Management of the Driving licenses.
  6. HR Management of driving licenses staff.
  7. Development of Website of the AJ &K Traffic police.
  8. Application for Issuance of Character certificate.
  9. Installation of Local Area Network with provision of hardware required for operation of the proposed applications. Traffic Police HQ and all district offices will be connected through web. This will make maximum resource utilization.
  10. To provide extensive training on the new environment to the end users as well as support staff. It will reduce time, cost enhance efficiency and existing staff skills.
  11. Provide the information on the web about forms, maps, license status etc.
  12. Complaints about Traffic Police can be made through website. It will make the process more helpful transparent and clear.
Driving License
Driving License
Driving License
Driving License
Driving License
Driving License

B-Project benefits and analysis

The beneficiaries for this project are all the officials of AJK Traffic Police Department in particular and the Government of AJK in general. The project will directly benefit the citizens of the state in terms of provision of Govt. service to the public in fast robust and efficient manner. The project will be a step towards the good governance in AJ&K. After the completion of the project the AJK Traffic Police Department will be the in-charge of the products and services permanently and the posts will be created on permanent basis by Finance Department.
After successful implementation of the project following benefits will be acquired:

  • The government and the citizens both would be benefited considerably from implementation of this system in terms of work reduction, visits to Traffic police offices for information etc.
  • Different management related reports can be viewed on web.
  • Centralized issuances of licenses will be issued and duplication can be removed
  • New/ duplicate / renewal of Driving License will be possible from anywhere in the State.
  • Traffic Police department will become more organized and efficient.
  • Different Reports regarding revenue generation through license issuance etc.
  • Complaints/ suggestions can be viewed in different heads e.g. deadlocks / Traffic jams, etc.
  • Further if accounts, vehicle, store etc are automated this will further increase the overall efficiency of Traffic Police.
  • Information exchange about licenses will be more efficient to initiate any proceedings.
  • Saving of precious time of the policy makers.
  • Saving of traveling expenditures.
Driving License
Driving License
Driving License
Driving License
Driving License
Driving License