Vision & Mission


Our vision is to create an environment that fosters the growth in Information and Communication Technology In AJ&K.


Our mission is to succeed in a rapidly changing world, along with our partners so that together we create the future of business.


Our Goal is to architect an ICT ecosystem for materializing the vision of digital Kashmir through computerized and digitally connected state departments.

IT Board Highlights

Automation of Judicial System & Connectivity of Supreme Court Offices

Automation of Supreme Court to facilitate Judiciary, Lawyers and Citizens.


Computerization of Land Record

Establishing efficient, accountable, equitable and secure Land Records Management & Information Systems


Automated System for High Court and Lower Courts of AJ&K

Citizens/ lawyers will be facilitated by viewing and track cases schedule.


AJ&K Web portal (Phase-II)

Bridging the gap between the public and State.


Technology Corner/ Videos