Empowering AJ&K through Technology

Our mission is to use technology to drive progress in the region and support the AJ&K government's vision. We work closely with others to align IT initiatives with broader goals and community needs. We understand technology's vital role in transforming communities and empowering individuals. Our team offers software development, IT infrastructure management, e-governance solutions, digital skills training, and more. We're proud to be contributing to AJ&K's growth and development.

The AJ&K IT Board was established in 2001 to improve and revolutionize IT infrastructure in AJ&K. It regulates IT projects and advancements and operates under the Master Implementation Plan (MIP). The MIP aims to encourage IT facilities, optimize existing resources, and leverage emerging technologies. The board is dedicated to transforming the IT industry in AJ&K and aligning it with future needs.



Governments should use global best practices and collaborate with the private sector to develop citizen-focused E-governance frameworks. This helps keep the framework current, while attracting investment and creating jobs, leading to economic growth.



Our goal is to create a thriving digital ecosystem in Kashmir through cutting-edge ICT technology, digital governance, and mass IT literacy. We aim to boost digital inclusion and provide the necessary resources and infrastructure to support a thriving ICT landscape in the region.



Partner with IT industry, academia, and government through AJ&K; IT Board to develop IT strategies. Implement citizen-centered e-governance and support infrastructure and human resource creation. Promote entrepreneurship and technology for all citizens. Establish AJ&K; as an IT hub and IT Board as a leader for economic growth in the sector.